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Injuries at Daycare Facilities

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

It requires a lot of willpower of a parent to entrust their child in the hands of another individual, let alone a facility. Because the guarantee of a child’s safety is so crucial for the reputation and business of a daycare, serious consequences can follow the violation of that promise. Any danger a child is subjected to on the center’s property promises the threat of injury, unless caretakers are conscientious and can prevent an accident from occurring. However safe daycare centers are made out to be, there are still instances of faculty negligence that can lead to an injured child, distressed parents, and a personal injury lawsuit.

Children are very fragile, thus implying that any injuries they sustain are often more serious than that of an adult’s. In addition, as seen on the website of Ravid and Associates, medical treatment for a child’s long-term injuries will cost more. Despite how easy it is to get in harm’s way, children simply don’t have the reasoning to stay away from high-risk situations; plus, their reckless behavior cannot be helped. Therefore, the presence of an authority figure is essential if a child is to avoid injury while playing.

The most common causes of trauma at a daycare center are dangerous toys, rough housing with other children, and playground accidents. For instance, falling off of a swing or slide can seriously wound a child’s brain and even impair development. Some severe injuries include concussions, seizures, brain damage, or memory loss.

A child on daycare property that suffers such unnecessary and substantial injuries, especially ones that could affect their cognitive or physical growth, can entitle a parent or guardian to claim a personal injury lawsuit. In some cases, daycares have guardians fill out a liability waiver, but a family can still be represented if they feel victimized by the facility. The wrongdoings of an assigned caretaker can and should be exposed, in order for the child’s parents to receive compensation for their suffering.

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