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Employee Rights to Paid Sick Leave

Posted on Mar 10, 2016 by in Labor Law | 0 comments

The way that sickness is perceived has drastically changed as medicine has developed and societal norms have prioritized a successful career over basic necessities. However, one’s health is extremely important and should be attended to if at risk, with the complete encouragement of an employer.

As seen on the website of Cary Kane LLP, New York labor laws state that an employee that works more than 80 hours is required to be granted 40 hours (5 days) of sick leave at their disposal for that year. Withholding that privilege, which is essential to the improvement of their sickly condition, can not only worsen the health of the employee, but also violate labor laws. Even if a worker is not ill, s/he is still entitled to using sick leave to attend to other issues, such as the care of a family member. These laws protect the rights of employees, and if broken, an employer will face the consequences of overstepping their boundaries. A few ways in which an employer can go against labor laws are by refusing to provide payment to an employee on leave, as well as firing an employee for utilizing this guaranteed privilege. In the event of a wrong dismissal, an ex-employee should go to either the city or court, depending on the practices of the state involved.

A sickness or emergency is never foreseen, and it should be understandable for a workplace’s employees to take care of personal matters when a crises spontaneously occurs. Violating these rights only causes complications for both parties and prevents an ill employee from focusing on their health, which should be ranked higher than the number of hours spent in the office.

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