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Detroit Construction Accident

Posted on Aug 20, 2017 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Construction projects of any kind come with a certain level of danger. You may encounter large machinery, dangerous tools, and any number of unexpected circumstances. On construction sites, workers have the expectation that their company is taking appropriate efforts to keep them; however, this is unfortunately not always the case. While unavoidable accidents do happen, oftentimes another person’s negligent or careless behavior creates these risk-filled situations that can end in disaster. While workers are often aware of the risks involved with construction, civilians who undertake construction projects on their own can be harmed by unsafe working environments as well. CBS Detroit reported on a recent construction accident, which injured two Macomb county citizens.

Late in the afternoon on August 21, 2017, two men became trapped in mud surrounding a new home that was under construction in Chesterfield Township. The men were digging a trench that would be used as the foundation of the house when they became surrounded by mud and clay up to their waist. They were unable to escape on their own and the Chesterfield Township fire department had to come to their aid. Rescuing the men from the trench took approximately three hours, as the rescue team had to be careful to avoid additional cave-ins that would bury the men further. After they were removed from the trench, the two men were immediately taken to the hospital by the EMS. The fire department noted that this area was particularly dangerous due to its proximity to the nearby canal, which caused the ground to be unstable. All residents in the area have been prevented from re-entering, for the time being, so that all construction equipment can be moved and the area is stabilized.

This is a frightening situation, which could have ended with much more serious consequences. Fortunately, both men only sustained injuries from this accident, but the fire department chief warned that these men could have died if the mud had trapped them any further. Although these exact cause of this accident is unknown, this situation demonstrates the number of different dangerous situations that workers may encounter on a construction site. It is difficult to say if this accident could have been prevented. Perhaps these men did not have the experience and expertise necessary to undertake this project, or perhaps injuries could have been prevented with additional planning and safety precautions. Nevertheless, it is important for all workers to try to prevent dangerous situations such as this.

While these men must face the full financial responsibility of this accident, as they were working independently on the home, in many cases construction workers that are injured while on the job can receive compensation for their injuries. Detroit personal injury lawyers, such as Ravid & Associates P.C., can help those injured at work sites manage the financial losses caused by their injuries. This can assist the workers and their families with the physical, emotional, and financial pain caused by construction site accidents.

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